Demo Reel

This is my 3D modeling demo reel for 2019.


Motion Graphics

A title screen motion graphic for Vest Advertising.


Masterbrand Cabinetry Example

This project was used to pitch our 3D services to a company called Masterbrand. They were looking for a viable option to show their cabinets in videos and in print that would reduce the amount spent per year on photoshoots.


Humana Family South Florida animation

For this animation, I created nearly everything from the concept stage, to storyboards, to all the graphics used in this animation. My colleague Andrea Kiefer assisted in animating the scenes.


Animated Samples

These are small animations I created in Illustrator and animated in After Effects. In these projects there was a large amount of video editing that needed to occur and these animations were shown in a pop out in video.


Red E App

For the Red E App introduction video I provided simple hand drawn graphics that were animated into the composition by my colleague Andrea Kiefer.


Medicare City

Medicare City was a fairly large undertaking for us. I was involved in the entire process, including concepting, storyboarding, editing script and visuals for compliance with tight industry standards, and drawing, cutting out, and crafting the entire paper city we used to create this piece. In some instances, I sat under the table during the filming and puppeteered the characters and vehicles that move through the scene.